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Enhanced Vision System

Make Safety a Priority

An Enhanced Vision System (EVS) is a cutting-edge technology, which provides pilots with a significant safety advantage. A highly sensitive infrared camera provides a seamless flow of information to improve situational awareness, aiding you in the air and on the ground. No matter what the weather, our EVS provides clear images of the runway environment, making taxi, take-offs & landing safer.

67P Conversion

Levaero Aviation is a Center of Excellence for the installation of Finnoff Aviation Products PT6A-67P upgrade for pre-NG PC-12 aircraft. Currently FAA-certified STC and the Canadian Certification in process.

The latest P&W PT6A engine technology has been used for the development of the PT6A-67P engine, including new metallurgy for higher temperatures, Single Crystal CT Blades, and the new compressor that came out of the 41,000 foot altitude 67A development program.

Speed: Up to 15-20 kt increase
Improvement in climb rate
New accessory drive for dual high capacity generators
New aluminum corrosion resistant compressor case
Value: P&W new engine 5-year warranty
Increased Generator Power: New 300 Amp second generator

Feather Inhibit System

Avoid costly damage to your propeller with the Feather Inhibit System, which can virtually eliminate impact and erosion damage. Invest now in this effective system to reduce propeller repair and overhaul costs in the future.

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Single Place Folding Seat

The PC-12 can house fully collapsible seats, ideal for those looking to increase their mission flexibility. The seats collapse easily for stowing in the aft baggage compartment, allowing you to modify the cabin for commuter and cargo needs– all on the same journey!

Combi Cargo Bulkhead

This multi-position bulkhead is designed to restrain up to 2600 lbs of loose freight. It can be installed at stations 19, 24, 27 or 31 – depending on your seating and cargo needs.

Commuter Bulkhead

Ideal for Pilatus operators who operate a commuter configuration and require additional baggage space. This 21 G bulkhead is positioned directly behind seats number seven and number nine. An inner wall is available to protect the inside cabin from the environment when the cargo door is open.