Pilatus PC-24

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Unlike Any Other

The PC-24 is turning heads. Unlike any other business jet, Pilatus has created a new class of aircraft with the PC-24: The Super Versatile Jet. It combines the practicality of a turboprop with the cabin of a medium-sized jet and the operating performance like no other aircraft. Versatile, high performing, and spacious, this jet has been engineered to impress. Short or unpaved runways pose no challenge for the PC-24’s incredible short-field performance, so you can go anywhere, anytime.

A New Class of Jet

The PC-24 is literally in a class of its own. It is the world’s first business jet engineered for use on short, unpaved runways. With a versatile flat-floor cabin and impressive cargo space, the PC-24 will quickly become everyone’s must-have jet. Have it configured for executive business travel, cargo transport, surveillance missions, air ambulance, search and rescue or any other unique mission.

Finishing Touches

Choose an elegant finish to match your company’s profile. BMW Group Designworks USA worked closely with Pilatus to offer a series of interior designs for your PC-24. Choose from a variety of different leathers, hardwoods, and textiles to individualize your aircraft.

Versatility Redefined

Who says you can’t land your business jet in remote areas? Fly closer to your destination with the PC-24, designed with maximum efficiency in mind.


Max cruise speed (FL300) 425 k TAS (489 mph) 787 km/hr TAS
Range 4 Pax1 1,950 nm / 2,244 sm 3,610 km
Range 6 Pax2 1,800 nm / 2,071 sm 3,330 km
Max certified altitude 45,000 ft 13,716 m
Cabin altitude at 45,000 ft 8,000 ft 2,438 m
Takeoff balanced field length 3 2,690 ft 820 m
Takeoff balanced field length (hot & high) 4 4,430 ft 1,350 m
Rate of climb (MTOW, Sea level) 4,075 ft/min 1,242 m/min
Time to climb sea level to FL450 (direct climb) 30 min 30 min
Landing distance over 50 ft obstacle 5 2,525 ft 770 m
Stall Speed (MLW, ISA, Sea Level) 81 k IAS 150 km/h IAS

1 (800 lb payload, NBAA IFR reserve, LCR, Single Pilot OPS)
2 (1200 lb payload, NBAA IFR reserve, LCR, Single Pilot OPS)
3 (MTOW, ISA, sea level, dry paved runway)
4 (MTOW, ISA +20°, 5000 ft, dry paved runway)
5 (MLW, ISA, sea level, dry paved runway


Max ramp weight 17,750 lbs 8,050 kg
Max takeoff weight 17,650 lbs 8,005 kg
Max landing weight 16,250 lbs 7,370 kg
Max zero fuel weight 13,450 lbs 6,100 kg
Usable fuel (888.5 U.S. gal) 5,965 lbs 2,705 kg
Max payload 2,500 lbs 1,135 kg
Max payload with full fuel 915 lbs 415 kg