Pilatus PC-12 NG

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Inimitable in its Class

There’s simply no other aircraft like it. The unique PC-12 NG is the most sought after turboprop on the market, valued for its exceptional versatility. Custom interior configurations ensure that each PC-12 NG is perfectly suited to its owner’s needs. Rugged landing gear and unsurpassed short-field capability allows the PC-12 NG access to otherwise inaccessible places, and the state-of the art avionics in the cockpit will satisfy even the most discerning of pilots. Go where you need to go.

Versatility Defined

Flexible. That’s how the PC-12 NG has come to be known. The PC-12 NG is exceptional in its versatility. With almost 1500 sold globally, the PC-12 NG can be configured for executive business travel, cargo transport, surveillance missions, air ambulance, search and rescue and other unique missions. No matter what your mission, your PC-12 NG will be customized to suit your needs.

Finishing Touches

Choose an elegant finish to match your company’s profile. BMW Group Designworks USA collaborated with Pilatus to offer a series of interior designs for your PC-12 NG. Choose from a variety of different leathers, hardwoods, and textiles to individualize your aircraft.

Expectations: Exceeded

Farther, faster, and with more cargo: The Pilatus PC-12 NG is the best single engine turboprop ever designed. With outstanding short-field capability and exceptional payload range, the PC-12 NG is your best choice for commercial, corporate, or cargo operations.


Max cruise speed 280 ktas (322 mph) 519 km/hr TAS
Max range (3 Pax, 30,000 ft, NBAA IFR reserve) 1,560 nm / 1,795 sm 2,889 km
Max operating altitude 30,000 ft 9,144 m
Cabin altitude at 26,000 ft 8,000 ft 2,438 m
Takeoff distance over 50 ft obstacle 2,650 ft 808 m
Rate of climb (MTOW) 1,920 ft/min 585 m/min
Landing distance over 50 ft obstacle (MLW/reverse) 1,830 ft 558 m
Stall (MTOW) 67 kts IAS 124 km/h IAS


Max ramp weight 10,495 lbs 4,760 kg
Max takeoff weight 10,450 lbs 4,740 kg
Max landing weight 9,921 lbs 4,500 kg
Max zero fuel weight 9,039 lbs 4,100 kg
Basic operating weight (includes 200 lb / 91 kg pilot) 6,782 lbs 3,076 kg
Usable fuel (402 gal) 2,704 lbs 1,226 kg
Payload with full fuel (and 200 lb / 91 kg pilot) 1,009 lbs 458 kg