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About Levaero

With more than 20 years of experience in the aviation industry, Levaero Aviation Group is your aviation solutions provider. Our name has evolved over time; we remain the exclusive Canadian distributor for the Pilatus PC-12 and PC-24 aircraft, and have continuously grown our offering.

Aircraft Sales

Countless customers have trusted the team at Levaero to meet their aviation needs for almost two decades.


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The Pilatus PC-24 Super Versatile Jet is now FAA & EASA certified!

MEDIA RELEASE Stans, Switzerland, 8th December 2017 Historic Milestone in Swiss Economic History: Pilatus Obtains PC-24 Type Certificates On 7 December 2017 Pilatus obtained type certificates from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the US-American Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the first ever Swiss business jet. Certification of the [...]


Levaero is your reliable stop for aircraft maintenance. We provide 24/7, AOG and on-site maintenance services for a variety of aircraft.



We have long been using aircraft as a tool within our business. Upgrading from a smaller, less capable aircraft we evaluated many different aircraft types but kept coming back to the Pilatus PC-12 NG. There was nothing that could haul as much weight, as safely and as cost-effectively as a PC-12. This aircraft is like every other piece of machinery that we operate – it helps us conduct our business more efficiently than we could without it, and it enables us to provide our customers with an unparalleled level of service. Working with the Levaero team made the aircraft acquisition process very easy, and they also sold our Piper Meridian for us. What may be the best part of the relationship with Levaero is the continued care they show for my company’s needs and operations.
Kirk Grimes, President, GWS Well Servicing Inc.
As a longtime aircraft operator, we understand the value that private aviation brings to our business. When it was time to upgrade our aircraft, we engaged Levaero Aviation to assist us in the location, and eventual import, or our next aircraft. We collectively determined that the PC-12 was the right aircraft for our needs. The ideal aircraft we located was in the United States and faced some difficult exportation issues. The team at Levaero worked through these challenges and ensured that we were very satisfied with our new aircraft.
Marc Paquin, President, Groupe Somavrac
I purchased a Pilatus PC-12/45 from Levaero that had gone through their rigorous Life Extension Program (LEP). The professionalism and attention to detail demonstrated by their maintenance engineers reassured me that I was making a sound purchase decision and that the aircraft would continue being a reliable workhorse for many years to come. I also chose to install the upgraded – 67P engine, new avionics, the 5-bladed MT prop, as well as other improvements. Most importantly, the people at Levaero are great and a pleasure to work with – they get things done. I was so happy with my first LEP PC–12, that I have ordered another.
Phelps Lane, Founder and President, Cygnus Lift

With nearly two decades as an exclusive OEM representative, Levaero has experience in all complexities of buying, selling and delivering aircraft.